Friday, May 02, 2008

This Weekend's Time-waster

Have a slogan.

Because--let's face it--you can't resist a semi-random generator that can combine popular (read: annoying) ad slogans with related keywords, such as "feces".

Combination worth quoting:
- "Slavery--Be all you can be."
- "Penis--Don't leave home without it."
- "Diarrhea--It keeps going, and going and going..."


Therry said...

America - be all you can be.


Therry said...

Dude! Update!

I've recently been harassed to do the same and I finally updated so now it's your turn to be so.

isman said...

We should make it an official campaign: Harass it Forward.

Erick S. said...

Dang! First slogan I get was:

Finger Lickin' Good

'nuff said.