Friday, April 11, 2008

We Understand, Venezuela!

The Venezuelan government has stopped the Simpsons from airing on the Televen, a nationwide channel. Their reason? The show, which was aired at Televen's daily 11 AM time slot, was considered "inapproriate for children."

They immediately changed it with something they figured would be more approriate.

Baywatch Hawaii.

What ingeniousness! There's no better way to interests toddlers in numbers and letters than that. What's left would be Stacy Kamano standing at the end of show, with a voice over saying, "This program was brought to you by the number 36 and the letter C."


pjbali said...

Venezuala has one of the highest rates of breast implant sugery in the world. Maybe there is a connection?

isman said...

That explains a lot actually, pjbali.

Therry said...

I thought it was more like 36D, no?

isman said...

Dang. Missed by a cup.