Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No More Toilets, Please!

Last month, Therry asked me to take some pictures of what I call The Evil Toilets. After trying a couple of times, I've realized several challenges that I forgot to consider.

  1. A guy who carries a camera and walks into a place where almost every other guy is unzipping their pants, is definitely looking for trouble.

  2. One of The Evil Toilets is located inside the locker/shower room of a local gym. Inside are semi to naked guys with biceps bigger than my head. I might as well jump in front of a speeding truck.

  3. Even when you've made sure that nobody else is inside, there's a reason why these places are called The Evil Toilets. Let's just say that you can't take pictures while protecting your nose at the same time.

I have no idea how this guy could do it.

So, let's drop the idea. Please. For the sake of mankind.

As a secondary choice, I took the camera for product typo hunting. And I struck gold in the children toys section. Consider this exhibit A.

Yes, show your nerves of steal!--swipe your dad's wallet.

I guess you've pretty much determined your kid's future career by giving him/her this toy.

"Buy now and get a free "Get Out of Jail" card!


On the other hand, "No More Toilets, Please" sounds like a good sitcom title (featuring Tim Allen).


Therry said...


Okay, okay, toilet conversation dropped.

Where the hell did you find all these strange toys anyhow? Are you collecting by any chance?

Nerves of steal eh hahahahahah

gotta love made-in-china products. they are made in china arent they??

isman said...

I'm collecting the pictures all right. Where did I find them? Bandung, of course. Where we can find the smorgasboard of cheap products of unknown origins. Because even though it said "made in China", it might not be.

Once, I found a label that says, "Dame in China". I regret to this day that I didn't take its snapshot.

Yes. Some are claimed to be made in China, some other in Japan. Gotta love their engrish.

Therry said...

Reading your blog really is a bliss amidst all the riots, protests and God knows what else is going on in this country recently...

Sometimes we gotta laugh at the small things. Correct: Most of the times.