Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When You Thought That No News Headlines Would Tempt You to Read Anymore...

...this pops up.

Worth quoting:

Batwoman, who first appeared in July 1956, has not been seen since September 1979 when she was killed by the League of Assassins and the Bronze Tiger.
I was going to wonder whether being killed wasn't good enough of a reason of not appearing in public. But then, two words came into my mind: "soap operas".

(Thanks to Andi Saptono.)

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Haris said...

Well, DC continuity was a mess, especially before the 'continuity streamlining' project back in 1988 called "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (a.k.a "buy-all-of-our-crossover-book-or-die-in-shame-as-a-clueless -fanboy-you-are"). Back then the DC world consists of many alternate worlds, alternate realities (or alternate 'earths' they prefer to call them), and sometimes these realities come in clash with each other, making somewhat confusing character background even more confusing while they're meeting with his alternate self.
So, this Batwoman, since she was dead before 1988, wouldn't be necessary the same person as the one that will appear in future DC Comics. It was supposed to be a mystery character, anyway. However, the interesting part is how DC decided to portray her as a lesbian, in the spirit of creating new characters from all known minority classes in comic books, namely the gays, the african-american, the asians, or the hispanics, and so on.