Monday, November 01, 2004

Eidul Fitri's Card Ideas

This year, why not make a well-wishing card that looks like a ransom note?

Suggestion #1:

(Front copy)
We've got your forgiveness.

(Inside body copy)
You want it, dress well this Eidul Fitri.
Prepare some ketupat. And we'll contact you.
Remember: no porks.

Suggestion #2:
(Front copy)
We know where you work.
We know where you live.
We know where you're going to celebrate Eidul Fitri.

(Inside body copy)
So let bygones be bygones, eh?
You shake my hands, I'll shake yours.

Suggestion #3 from lei:
(Front copy)
To err is human.
To forgive is divine.

(Inside body copy)
I know you're just human
And people say I'm divine.
Go figure.

Suggestion #4 from lei
(Front copy)
Meeting you in person: once
Trading SMS: sometimes
Forwarding junk mails: always

(Inside body copy)
So don't complain if you only receive this once a year.

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