Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quiz: Are You An American College Student?

1. Suppose you'd consumed too much alcohol in a party that even your friends insisted to take you home. What would you do?

a. Argue that you weren't drunk at all. It was just that darn toilet which kept running away
b. Attempt to continue partying elsewhere
c. Claim that you couldn't go home because you had lost the key
d. While in fact, you'd just swallowed it
e. All of the above

2. Seeing how your friend had just swallowed his apartment key, how would you help him?

a. Laugh your butt off
b. Then do a Heimlich manoeuvre
c. Just let him sleep and took him to the hospital in the morn'
d. Then laugh your butt off for seeing his X-ray photo
e. All of the above


Anonymous said...

This is OOT, but Isman, how come you are a clown now? Did I initiate your undergrad study (read: OS) too harsh? :D

Oh, I'm asking your permission to put your blog in my toilet paper roll. Oh, crap. I don't have to ask your permission. It's my toilet anyway. And don't ask me who I am, okay?

isman said...

I wish. At least that way I'd have gotten something to blame on.

Ohkay. No names, then. Let's talk about something else. Like weaponry. Were you carrying a baseball bat back then?