Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oxymoron or Redundant?

Gay bomb.

I never knew Pentagon is such a kidder. It's like the class clown with an Uzi. And speaking of weapons, apparently Gay Bomb isn't the only non-lethal arsenal Pentagon tried to develop. Laughing Bullet, for one. These bullets would inject their targets with chemicals to make them laugh. I guess Pentagon designed this one for Congress.

The next one is the chemical that causes bad breath. This way, the proposal states, we could identify bad guys easier. But how do we know it's the bad guy we're poisoning? This sounds like a bad stereotyping for me. "His breath stinks."
"Oh, that means he's a bad guy. Let's pretend we don't know him."

Here's an idea for you, kids: inject a school jock with it, and observe the serenity caused by him keeping quiet for the rest of the day (or month).

The Fool's Thought of The Day

"Mosquito is the Nature's way of saying, "Try that positive-thinking crap on this!"


supergua said...

halo mas isman. transformernya menghibur skali..hehe..saya link ya mas blognya..nuhun..

the fool said...

Hai... monggo silakan aja link. Ini komennya salah kamar, ya? (Kayak badminton aja.)