Sunday, June 24, 2007

Clients Say the Darnedest Thing

Last month a colleague visited a client's office. The high-ranking public officer explained his dreams of making an Information Technology (IT) Center in the office.

The client pointed to the corner of the room, "We'll put the computers over there."

My colleague nodded, "We can arrange the cabling."

"Sure. Sure," agreed the client. "And they'll be connected to the Internet."

"We'll just install another [wireless] access point here, no problem," said my colleague.

"Good," smiled the client. "Then we'll carpet the whole place for extra protection."

"Against dirt?" asked my colleague.

"No," the client frowned. "Against [computer] viruses, of course."

This colleague of mine opened his mouth. But upon realizing that the client hadn't been kidding, he decided to say the wisest thing. Nothing.


enda said...

those darn viruses has to be STOP!

isman said...

Before they ruined the carpeting!

vonEbenhaum said...


Oh, no, they have invaded mine! Quickly, Dirt-Devil to the rescue!

Sandy Eggi said...

wakakakaaka ... a dilbert candidate comics :D why don't u draw it ?

the fool said...

von, don't forget the side-kick, Vacuum Boy!

Isn't drawing a bit more on your department, Ndy? I haven't drawn any comic strips since... uh, I couldn't even remember the year. Been too long. Nice to see you're still using your skill.