Monday, July 04, 2005

Glamorous and Romantic Redefined

I once participated in holding a supposedly "glamour and romantic" event called "Shibuya Party" in Bandung. The event organizer was a local radio station and this party was the culmination of their successful Japanese pop culture-themed campaign1. It was huge; they transformed Kampung Daun2 (literally, Kampung=Village, Daun=Leaf) into Kampung-with-City-Lights-and-Big-LCD-Screen Daun; they invited celebrities; and they jampacked the whole site with combination of attractions that could've only existed in Picasso's world (picture a disco hall next to paper-fishing pond3).

However, when I asked them what would they hand out as souvenirs to their guests, they answered--and I'm not kidding--"Pencils."

"What?" was my most intelligible response.

"It's this thing you use to write by--"

"I know what a pencil is," I retorted. "Why did you guys choose pencils?"

"Because they're useful."

I mumbled, "So are toilet papers." And they're actually more expensive than those darn pencils. I mean, this was an event that claimed to be "glamorous and romantic." I could picture the romantic scene right now.

Girl: Look how beautiful the night sky is.
Guy: Yes, it's even prettier if you point at it with this pencil.
Girl: Oh, my God, you're right. I'm so glad they handed us these useful pencils.
Guy: I can't agree more.
Girl: I could even pick my nose without anyone noticing.
Guy: I was thinking the same thing. *turns to the girl*
Girl: *turns to the guy, and let him embrace her while fireworks are lit in the sky* You know, at romantic times like this, I just want to ask one thing from you.
Guy: Please do, my dear.
Girl: Was that the pencil I just felt, or do I have to slap you?
1: Despite the fact that, for the entire month, they'd been spelling "Japanese" as "Japanesse."
2: A fancy restaurant featuring artificially-constructed stalls and environment to resemble--but not quite like--a natural village spot. The menu's price range is definitely unnatural.
3: A typical Japanese festival stand, where you pay money to get a chance at catching as many goldfish as you can, with a small fishing net made out of thin paper. I suspect the Japanese name for this attraction may also be translated as "fishing for suckers."


roi said...

cuman segede pensil?

vonEbenhaum said...

Ah, indeed a memorable evening that was.

Shibuya Party.. oh my.. Now I know what we missed that night. Shibuya's landmark! The doggy statue!!

roel said...

hallo...I just did blogwalking and I found you! I am on my paper about writing skill of blogger. and I want to invite u to be my respondent...please contact me due to 8 of july. thanks..

serenity said...

eh man, you should look at the good side, one: you could always lit the pencil and make your own pencilit dinner... two: toilet paper are for loosers, creative use pencil. 80% of the earth surface is ideas.. the rest is water.. or pencil..

the fool said...

What--pray tell--is, roi? :p

Doggy statue ridden by a man in tuxedo, holding a bouquet of roses, to be exact, dear von.

Well, yes, serenity. But at least they're losers with clean butts. I surely don't want to finish doing number two and realizing that all I have in my hands is a pencil.

Primadonna Angela said...

huhuhuhuh that time i hadn't met you guys.. and since we've met they haven't hold another shibuya night. maybe for good reason!