Thursday, November 06, 2003

To The Unexpecting, Enlightenment Cometh

The journey to Jogja has opened my eyes about life. In particular, horses.

It was a usual evening walk on Malioboro, when suddenly, this horse nodded its head and bodily fluid started --and I'm not exaggerating--gushing out. "BURRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSST," was exactly what it sounded like. Only longer.

The event took about thirty seconds. To which I responded calmly with an open jaw. "Whoaaaaaa!" These horses make water hydrants look like drained water guns.

No wonder we hardly read any news about wild fire in Jogja. I imagine a scene when a cigarette burn turns ugly. "FI~~RE!" shouts someone. And the others will exclaim, "GET THE HORSES!"

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