Monday, February 09, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bacangcycle

Many food peddlers offer their wares around my neighborhood. They usually push around a cart, carry their stuff on foot or bring them on their bikes.

One particular peddler rides around on his bicycle, selling bacangs.[1] He shouts about his wares with a certain rhythm, like a chant, "Bacang, baaacaaaang. Caaaang, baaaacang!" He has a lot of customers in my hood. I'm not sure whether his chant works the charm or his bacangs are that good.

He got so successful, three months ago he rode in a brand new motorcycle. Yet, his sales dropped. Because then, every time a neighbor heard his "Bacang, baaa--" and came out of the house, he only saw flying dust and heard a faint "caaaaang...." somewhere.

In the distance. Out of sight.

Yesterday I saw the bacang peddler, back on his old bicycle.


[1]: A traditional Chinese food which is popular in Indonesia. Read: bah-cahng. Some people spell it as bakcang, but it's still pronounced the same way. This makes bacang a wonderful entry for a spelling bee.

Here's a nice site with its recipe.


etherealheaven said...

hello friend! would you mind if we xlinks?? take care ^__^

la_flash said...

Haha. I wonder what bacang is. I've never seen it in the neighborhood. Oh wait, I've never been around the neighborhood that much.

Nice blog.

pj said...

Would it help if bacang gets a cool official sound like the ice cream sound or the bakso sound? What branch of the government choses these things?

isman said...

Uhh, etherealheaven, I've visited your blog. Are you sure you want a humor blog on your link?

isman said...

There's a link on the bottom part of the article which leads to a snapshot of bacang, la_flash. (Plus an instruction to make one, if you're THAT interested.)

isman said...

Oh, that'll help a lot, pj. I'm guessing it would be the same branch of government which decides what kind of food should be associated with a certain day (like chocolate with Valentine's Day).