Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blogging Drought: Book Project

Three and a half months without an update. It's a wonder why you guys are still visiting. Thanks for that.

Here's the reason for the lack of posts: I'm going to publish one particular category of the blog as book. A hint: it's the category which's suddenly missing almost all of its posts.

The book will be in Bahasa Indonesia. Of course, it'll be more than just a translation of the stuff. Expect lots of revamps; more action (in more ways than one); and more silly commentaries disguised as dialogs. (Wow. More hints!)

I'm also thinking of adding illustrations and stuff. Stay tuned!


Carl Parkes said...

Welcome to the gang. If you are going to promote your book, you need to advertise and get out the blog and websites URLs. No longer need to remain cool about the sources. So where is the publisher and how can I order a copy? Is this a secret?

isman said...

Thanks, Carl. I'm going to need advices like that since I'm still not used to aggressive advertising.

The publisher is Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Not a secret. Just that the book title may subject to change. And I prefer writing the progress of the book from time to time, rather than explaining the whole concept from the beginning and then vanishing again for a long time. (Might as well use this a chance to update the blog.)

You can order a copy through me personally. About 100 copies would be available to be bought about a week or two before it hit the bookstores. Just pmail me at writerstavern AT gmail DOT com, if you're interested.

therry said...

Oh goody! Will it be a funny one??

isman said...

But of course.