Saturday, June 18, 2005

Our Indonesian TV Lesson of the Day

"Any display of violence and wanton destruction is justifiable if it has a moral message."

I concluded this after watching a sinetron (an abbreviation that means "electronic cinema") called "Bidadari" ("Angel"). In that particular episode, the young female antagonist1 just knocked a guy unconscious. She then dragged his body, leaving a trail of blood from his head. The scene freezed. The word "bersambung" ("to be continued") appeared.

And then, suddenly there was a red screen with words of the day, literally saying: "Everyone has a potential to do good and evil. It's the strength of your heart that protects you from committing evil." This was on primetime TV.

I'd like to see a children show like that.

It'd start with a father saying to his boy, "Don't play with knives while I'm around."

"Okay," the kid nodded nod with a smile.

Only seconds after the dad left, the boy grabbed a chair, stood on it, and took hold one of the ginsu knife.

Suddenly, the door swung open, kicked by Freddy Krueger. He snarled at the terrified kid. And then sliced the boy apart like cheese. Accompanied by chilling wails, blood splurted on every corner of the room.

Then the screen went red and showed the text, "Everyone has a potential to be a maniac. It's the strength of your heart that protects you from being a cheesy horror movie antagonist."

That would be something.


1: You can recognize one by his/her shouting the word "murder" or "kill" at least five times on each episode.


ryosaeba said...

today is your birthday!

happy birthday dude!

the fool said...

Thanks, du'! It was the strangest day ever, with the first words I heard were, "Can you take Mom to the hospital?"

ryosaeba said...

whoa, what happened?

the fool said...

A bad case of high blood pressure, it seemed. Fortunately, Mom could walk out of the hospital the next day.