Sunday, August 22, 2004

Things I Learnt While Raising A Baby

Raising a baby makes you learn a lot about your relationship with your partner that otherwise wouldn't surface. Here are some that I learnt (for the last 26 days):

  1. No matter how much I love Donna, I will reflexively dodge a sudden piss shower and therefore letting her catch it head on.
  2. Donna takes number (1) gracefully. Now she makes sure she holds me from the back before changing Aza's diaper so I can't escape.
  3. Witnessing your male partner changing diapers in the middle of the night is as sexy as watching your female partner breastfeeding. In a good way.
  4. Exception in diaper-changing: see number (1).
(Inspired by a recent conversation with Affi.)


...for Stupidity.

A guy tried to pickpocket someone at the airport. Nothing new. The difference is, this someone happened to be Taufik Hidayat, the sole Olympic gold medalist from Indonesia, and was just getting a huge welcome from the masses.

Needless to say, the thief got caught and pummeled.

(Thanks to Wahyudi Pratama).

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